Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 5

12-04-10 > 20-ish degrees > sunny/partly cloudy

D. Chu, Toni, and I. Welch. 8.5" fresh snow. Awesome.

My 5th day, David's 2nd, and Toni's 1st! Woo! Woman definitely knows when to make her first appearance of the season. It started snowing sometime late Friday afternoon and didn't stop 'til early Saturday morning. I wanted to get to the hill as early as possible, but we also had to get the sidewalks cleared before we left home. This resulted in us getting up at 5am and causing a ruckus in the neighborhood. Dual-wielding snowblowers, the woman and I took care of business and were on our way soon after.

Got to the hill about 855 and of course they already had lifts loaded and running, even though they say they don't open until 9. Fresh tracks were disappearing every second. Of course since it was Toni's first day out, she had to wait in line to get her pass printed. Took care of all that biz and I think we hit the snow by 930 or so. First run down was laugh-inducing. Snow was absolutely incredible. Main areas were tracked pretty good already but there was still plenty to be had on the sides right up by the trees. Blazed new trails for at least the first half-dozen runs. Took a ton of videos, or so I thought. Had an unknown issue with the GoPro and only ended up with 3 working video files. The rest were either 1 second blips or not working altogether. WTF? Hopefully it rights itself. And of course the battery in the regular camera was dead as well. Isn't that special...

Rode until a little after 1 I think and took a break for lunch. Toni packed a bag full of goodies and we made a feast out of it. Also, enjoyed the first bottle of Bawls in months! David and I went back out after lunch while Toni hung out inside and took a break from the action. Not wanting to push it to much on the first day, she opted to take care of a little homework instead.

We returned to the slopes and were greeted with overcast skies and packed lift lines. Thinking we'd go back out for maybe an hour or so and get a few runs in, we just went with it. Went down the main run twice and it was pretty tracked and sketchy. Mounds of snow everywhere made for natural moguls. It was rough going. Decided to hit a different run and see how that went. It went, and smoothly, until we got to the last turn. The lift line was a minimum of 100' long. So we waited. And waited. And waited. And finally loaded. Once we loaded, the fun had just begun. Luckily we got paired up with two rather cool guys. Made for some fun conversation, which came in handy while the lift was shutdown for what seemed like 10 minutes. So long that people waiting in line still actually started to hike back up. What a day. Once we finally got our feet back on the ground, we scrapped that idea and headed back to the main side of the hill. One run in extremely flat light and two lift lines longer than we wanted to deal with were enough for us to call it a day.

And an excellent one at that.

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