Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I think it's time for winter...

With the past couple days being easily over 80 and the humidity gradually rising, I think I'm more than ready to have the snow back. The annoying frickin' insects don't help the matter much, either. I swear at least 3 times a day I have one land on the inside of my glasses, between the lens and my eye ball. You sons-a-bitches. Can't wait 'til the cold air comes back and freezes you suckers right in your place. That includes you, housefly, who'll be even easier to squash once you're in slow-motion on my window screen. Hope you enjoy the inside of my cat.

Anywho, some recent events that have taken place have really rekindled my flame for snowboarding. Not that it ever went away, it's just been on the backburner since the snow was gone quite early this spring. Now I'm jonesing pretty hardcore and it's tough to stomach the fact that it's still another 4-5 months from now. Uggh. What a vicious cycle this mother nature has us in.

Boarding news:

I recently traded a pair of bindings for a snowboard jacket. I'm stoked. I finally found a home for my custom red/black Union Forces and with the funds acquired from the sale I turned around and purchased an Airblaster Big Sky poofy down jacket at a ridiculously awesome price. It hasn't arrived yet, but you can bet your ass I'll be putting it on as soon as I get it no matter how hot it is outside. Might even have to get myself some pasta, but that might be pushing it.

Also, the almighty Fetzenhund was lucky enough to take an adventure to the PNW area. Him and his woman, and family, went to Seattle for the weekend to attend a wedding. While in the area, Fetzenhund and friends stopped by the C3 HQ, home of Capita, Union, and Coal. He got to meet the infamous Johan and even made out with a whole chest full o' booty. I think he's planning to do his own write-up about his voyage, so I'll save the details for him. Needless to say, I'm stoked to get my hands on some of that gold!

What else... I really can't wait to get strapped back onto some snow. For real. I'm itching to drop into whatever path I can find and just blast it as fast as I can until my eyes water. Such an incredible feeling. Pow, ice, slush, groomers, crust, hardpack - whatever, I'll take anything right now. Sure as hell beats this hot black pavement. I bet Charlie Slasher's thinking the same thing. We make eye contact every morning when I get out of bed. And he hasn't tasted snow since we took home the crown in the barrel jumping. Someday, my friend, our thirsts will be quenched. Pow will be slayed, noobs will be sprayed.