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Hillbilly Snow Plow

1817 Wall Riders - Take 2

Apparently the uploading of videos to here ends up with crap results. So, I uploaded them to the YouTuber.



1817 Wall Riders

Snow Sliding - Days 1 & 2

Thanks to Old Man Winter awakening from his slumber this weekend, brother Chaunce and I were able to get in days 1 & 2 on the season. Randall scored us a sweet location thanks to some local "sledding forum" and we decided to check it out. It was at an elementary school in Roseville and it turned out to be rather promising for our skill lacking selves. The hill was a pretty decent size but not so big that we got exhausted hiking back up it. We built a few jumps, slid a couple park benches, and even slid down the middle of a ridiculously pro-status stair/rail combo. We went out Saturday night and again this morning, each for a couple hours. Nothing major and pretty relaxed. Definitely made for a good start to the season. Also got the fire back under my butt to start riding again. Seeing snow, and actually sliding on it, was apparently all I needed. I think it's fair to say we both had a swell time and we'll most likely be heading there as often as natural conditions allow.

Didn't get any pics of us riding as we were both pretty rusty and I just didn't think to get them out. Was having too much fun finally riding again. However, I did get a picture of some kids that were completely oblivious to the "situation". Also, on Sunday some of the boys from House of 1817 showed up and killed our mojo. Needless to say, it was kinda depressing to ride and do our thing when there are dudes there capable of dropping jaws. So we watched them, and dropped our jaws... They set up a monster wall ride and I got a pic of it after they left. My board against the wall to show a size comparison. Probably a 15' gap from kicker to wall, and a 10' high wall. It was impressive to say the least.

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