Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 4

12-01-10 - 14-ish degrees, slight wind (chilly!)

Day 4 was more like "Night 4". Went to Welch with the two guys that live right above us. Had to wait for one of them to get done working in order to go, so we ended up getting to the hill around 7pm or so. Can't complain about a free ride to go boarding, tho.

Air was pretty dang cold, or at least it felt that way. A combination of actual cold and the fact that it was probably the first time down to the low teens, plus a bit of breeze/wind. Snow was pretty much rock hard and super fast. Good for the neighbor boys who basically ride for speed only. Not really my game, but I dealt with it. Again, free trip out, can't complain. Besides, more time on the snow no matter what I'm doing has got to be beneficial in the long run. It was actually kinda fun at times, too. We had a few sweet races/chases down the hill. Didn't really leave much time for doing the slow, dweeby stuff, but the "snow" was so hard it would've sucked to slam on it. Maybe a good thing we were just cruising.

Rode the Ultrafear again but this time with my home-made "Machete" bindings. Wanted to try them out and see what kinda performance enhancing concoction I came up with. Overall, I'd say they're pretty kick ass. I definitely like the heel strap on my SuperPro's better, thanks to the gel-feeling insert they put in the new straps, but I also prefer the toe strap on the Machete over the SuperPro. Got a +1/-1 on each, so not really a bad thing. Will most likely be running these on Chuck Slice for the remainder of the season.

* No pictures. Was dark when we left home. Decided not to bring a camera.

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