Friday, March 5, 2010

We made it!

Day 1 - Thursday, March 4th

We've made it safely to the BZN! We got in right around 10 AM Thursday morning. We were greeted by the man himself, Erik Fetzenhund, at the baggage claim. Much to my surprise (and relief), all four of our bags showed up with no issues. All boards were safe, nothing was broken, and they even allowed me to bring Erik's special goodies: 8 cans of Surly Cynic Ale and 3 big bags of Old Dutch dill pickle chips. Needless to say we were all pretty excited!

The first day consisted of a quick tour of main street Bozeman and a cruise through the MSU campus. We also stopped in at World Boards to get the feel of the local boardshop. Anto got a good deal on some CAPiTA stickers and we were on our way. From there we headed to Erik's house where it was nothing but madness. Him and his roomies were having an energy efficiency audit going on at there house when we got there and the results were less than pleasing. Something about a constant carbon monoxide leak and a pretty significant draft leaking from the house. It's probably a good thing we had already been planning on staying elsewhere. We dropped off our bags and unpacked the boards. We then proceeded to cruise around town a little more and also grabbed some lunch quick. Went back to Erik's just in time for the FedEx lady to swing by and drop of Toni's package from Sierra Snowboard. I purchased some things online for her and had it sent to Erik's so she could use it while we're out here. It even came a day early!

After all that excitment Erik got suited up in some pearly white scrubs and we dropped him off at class. Went back to his house and I mounted and adjusted Toni's new binders. Some 2010 Union Milans, and man do they look sharp. Toni took a nap or three and I chatted with T-Mobile customer service for a few hours while Erik was at class. We picked him up afterwards and from there headed over to his lady friend's house. Got to meet the infamous Em after a few weeks of just hearing about her. We all went out to eat later to Burger Bob's on main street. The food was awesome and pretty reasonably priced. My "SKIING SUCKS" hat caused some controversy with a group of four doosh bag skiers in the back and apparently it was bad enough for them to write me a love letter on a napkin. I'll try to scan it or get pictures of it later. Classy. Frickin' pole smokers.

Anywho, our first day was a huge success and it feels unreal to actually be out here and hanging out. Dropping the extra coinage to fly was an awesome decision and I already don't regret a second of it. We're heading to Missoula tonight to meet Em's parents and crash on their floor. From there we'll be heading to Lost Trail in the morning to get our first taste of MT shred. We're frickin' stoked!!!

More pictures to come as soon as we settle in and get stuff organized!

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  1. FREAKIN AWESOME, Glad they let you bring the Surly!!

    EFFIN 2 PLANKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!