Monday, March 1, 2010

Best Frienemies!

This past weekend saw two days of awesome riding. The weather was incredible both days and the time with friends equally as great. Saturday was spent at Spirit in Duluth and include myself, Ry-dawg, Kt-ahhh!, and D-Chu. It was so nice out Ryan and I decided it was time to bust out some costumes. Good times were had by all and a lot of people had a good time laughing at us. It was fun to say the least.

Sunday was spent at Afton Alps in BFE-farmland, MN. The weather was almost a mirror image of Saturday and included Krandall and I spreading our love of the boards to two young grasshoppers. Krandall works with a lady named Cheryl, and her two kids, Aaron (10) & Nicole (12), were eager to learn a new sport/hobby. Both kids were cool as heck and it made for an awesome time. They both picked it up very quick and I'm pretty sure they'll be back on the snow as soon as they can talk mom into bringing them back.

So apparently I've been slacking when it comes to updating this lately. Too much going on around the house and trying to get out of it whenever I can doesn't leave much time for putting up pictures and/or making videos. However, I'm back and will try to keep it going.

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